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Can you stream the Action, Adventure & Comedy movie The Twins Effect II, directed by Corey Yuen & Patrick Leung & starring Charlene Choi, Donnie Yen, Edison Chen & Gillian Chung on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
Sci-fi streaming Guide: The Twins Effect II

In the mythical land of Huadu, Charcoal Head, a humble boy born to rule an empire must undertake his journey to claim his throne. It is an epic action adventure combining romance, fantasy, comedy and cutting edge Hong Kong style martial artistry.

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Its release date is Thursday August 12, 2004

Production details

Director Corey Yuen & Patrick Leung
Cast Charlene Choi, Donnie Yen, Edison Chen & Gillian Chung
Genre Action, Adventure & Comedy
Country of origin Hong Kong
Release date 2004-08-12
Theme Chosen One, Emperor, Fictional Place & Saving The World
Script Kin Chung Chan, Michelle Tsui, Peter Tsi, Roy Szeto & Suet Lam
Cinematography Chan Kwok hung
Music Tommy Wai
Runtime 106 min


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