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Can you stream the Action, Adventure & Fantasy movie Supergirl, directed by Jeannot Szwarc & starring Brenda Vaccaro, Faye Dunaway, Hart Bochner & Helen Slater on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
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After losing a powerful orb, Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin, comes to Earth to retrieve it and instead finds herself up against a wicked witch.

TAGLINE: "From out of another galaxy and into your hearts comes... Supergirl"

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Its release date is Thursday July 19, 1984

Production details

Director Jeannot Szwarc
Cast Brenda Vaccaro, Faye Dunaway, Hart Bochner & Helen Slater
Genre Action, Adventure & Fantasy
Country of origin United Kingdom
Release date 1984-07-19
Theme Alternate Dimension, Based On Comic, Dc Comics, Laser, Magic, Power, Superhero, Teenage Girl & Witchcraft
Script David Odell (screenplay)
Costs $35,000,000
Box Office Revenue $14,296,438
Runtime 124 min


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