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Can you stream the Mystery, Science Fiction & Thriller movie Day 6, directed by Varo Venturi & starring Laura Glavan, Ludovico Fremont, Massimo Poggio & Varo Venturi on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
Sci-fi streaming Guide: Day 6

Dr. Davide studies the alien abductions. From the abductees under hypnosis, he has understood that some alien races have been installing, for millennia, their active memories in the people's brains, to exploit a special energy: the Soul.

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Its release date is Friday June 17, 2011

Production details

Director Varo Venturi
Cast Laura Glavan, Ludovico Fremont, Massimo Poggio & Varo Venturi
Genre Mystery, Science Fiction & Thriller
Country of origin Italy
Release date 2011-06-17
Place setting London & Paris
Time setting 1994, 1996, 1998, 2001 & 2007
Script Giacomo Mondadori, M. Luisa Fusconi & Varo Venturi
Cinematography Benoît Delhomme
Music Rachel Portman
Costs $1,300,000
Runtime 145 min


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